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Improve your productivity with XLS Editor

XLS Editor allows anyone who has bought it to create, view and save MS Excel files. As the name suggests, it will also allow you to edit both .XLS and .XLSX formats and even switch between the two, if needed. Designed for people who want to improve their productivity with spreadsheets, it is available to download now.

Forget about compatibility issues

This app is designed to function with Excel, Microsoft's ever popular spreadsheet tool which has been around since almost the down of personal computing. Although Excel is extremely feature rich, it does not allow advanced users to do everything they might want, depending on the particular version they happen to be running. This software is designed to make issues of compatibility between versions easier as well as meaning that spreadsheets can be passed from one format to another between different users. For anyone who works on a shared spreadsheet, perhaps over a cloud connection for example, it can be useful. The latest version has improved support option for for both SkyDrive and DropBox, which are popular places to store shared Excel spreadsheets, meaning that the app is really best utilized with shared usage applications. In addition, the software designers have been careful to make sure it works well with both non-touch devices and tablets, so just about any device can get to work editing and updating a spreadsheet just when it is needed.

Full of features and easy to use

XLS Editor is designed to offer a great many features that will enhance the experience of anyone used to Excel. Firstly, it provides a fully integrated touch-based calculator, making it simple to produce quick calculations, even if you are using a smartphone to read and edit data. As you might expect, it supports the sorts of formulae often found in spreadsheets and the software can cope with all of the usual formatting found in Excel, such as currency cells, percentages fields as well as bold, italic and font size options. Cells can also be edited for their alignment and word wrap, both commonly used options. One of the key features is that is designed to be fast and fluid. For example, you can zoom in and zoom out with a pinch swipe of your fingers, ideal when using a tablet, as well as using Ctrl+MouseWheel, perfect for when operating it from a PC. Password protection is also supported as are the usual graphs to be found in Excel, such as line, scatter, clustered column, stacked column and scatter with smooth lines. Lastly, the app allows for automatic back ups as well as the ability to undo previously taken actions, ideal for when things go a little awry.

Edit and share spreadsheets

Although this app is likely to appeal to people who use spreadsheets a great deal, many of the functions are to be found in the full version of Excel already. Therefore, it is only really of use to people who want to edit their spreadsheets in shared environments with other people or who want to be able to access them on many different devices, perhaps for making updates when they are out and about as well as in the office.


  • Handy built-in calculator function
  • Ideal for sharing editing and update functions
  • Superb for operating with touch screen devices, like tablets and smartphones


  • Little original functionality you can't find elsewhere
  • Takes up 2.34 MB of memory

XLS Editor for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V
  • 4.1
  • (15)
  • Security Status

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